The Fellowship focuses on these three primary components by facilitating education around social innovation and entrepreneurship, providing firsthand project experience with the Notley team, and administering access to board observation and placement within innovative nonprofit organizations in the community.


In order to become a fellow, applicants must be:

  • Individuals between the ages of 22-35 that live in the greater Austin area
  • Young professionals who are hungry to elevate their career and have demonstrated interest and involvement in social initiatives. 
  • People who have an interest in social impact
  • Career-minded individuals in a for-profit sector
  • Fellows must be able to dedicate 6-8 hours (may vary) per month of availability to events and project assignments
  • Applicants should posses shared values including:
    • Leadership
    • Community
    • Personal Growth
    • Collaboration

Membership Dues

Membership dues are $1,000* per Fellow each year.

Payments can be made in quarterly increments and employer support is encouraged. These payments will help ensure the Fellowship experience is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

*Financial contribution should not hinder any interested applicants


  • Attend regular networking events and happy hours with business and community leaders across Austin

  • Participate in an educational dinner series with local leaders sharing how they’re driving impact and social change. Speakers include:

    • Meredith Walker

    • Mellie Price

    • Gerardo Interiano

    • Wendy Davis

    • Mayor Steve Adler

  • Tackle initiatives in real estate, scaling, nonprofit consulting, and more alongside the Notley team while creating an impact in the community

  • Integrate with local universities engaging with the City’s youth driving social innovation programs at the academic level

  • Gain VIP and behind-the-scenes access to Notley Events

  • Get real experience working on real projects


UNIVERSITIES- By partnering with Austin's universities, we can engage the city's youth and bring our diverse communities together for the betterment of Austin.

SCALING-  Fellows work with the Notley team to help nonprofits scale their missions and maintain financial sustainability in Austin and beyond. 

TECHNOLOGY-  Help Notley apply the right technology to move community solutions forward for our most intractable problems.

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT- Tackling community challenges at an ecosystem level through land, office buildings, education space, and startup accelerators. Fellows can worth with Notley to design places that empower the broader community  collaborate.

POLICY- Work to create policy and political strategies that encourage our officials and government organizations to be advocates for positive change and needed solutions.

CONSULTING- Solve operational and growth challenges for our nonprofit partners. We love supplementing teams so that great organizations can focus on what they do best!

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Rachel jamail

Committee Chairwoman

Rachel is a passionate leader in both the business and non-profit sectors of Austin. She is the Site Lead at Facebook and previously served as the Director of Global Brand Marketing at Spredfast. She serves on the boards of the Anti-Defamation League, Texas Enactus, and the University of Texas Psychology Department. She is also a member of UT's 1883 Council. Rachel earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas and a Master's from Harvard.


elizabeth winkler


Elizabeth has devoted her career to building SaaS products which leverage Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to extract meaning out of massive amounts of data. She is currently the Director of Product Management at Anaconda, the most popular Python data science platform in the world. Previously, she built products at Atlassian, Salesforce, Spredfast, and a medley of startups. Elizabeth has a passion for social entrepreneurship and business models that favor social responsibility. She has served on the Board of Directors of Urban Roots and was a 2017 Mission Capital Social Venture Fellow. She is an avid world traveler and a polyglot, fluent in English, French, Spanish, and quasi-fluent in Italian.

Katie daly


Katie is a user experience designer, artist, and friend committed to building thoughtful products that place human values at the center of the experience and bring people together. She is currently a Senior Product Designer at WP Engine and has previously designed products at Mass Relevance, Spredfast, and Civitas Learning. She co-founded the digital agency Bohemian Innovation in 2010 and has served as an advisor to local grown brands Sway Water and Mockingbird Domestics. She was a 2017 Mission Capital Social Venture Fellow and looks forward to discovering more ways the Austin communities can work together and drive positive change. Katie earned a bachelor's degree in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Lyndsay erickson


Lyndsay is the director of product operations at Juniper Square, a real estate technology company. She is committed to social impact and is particularly interested in sustainability, affordable housing, creating fluid indoor-outdoor space, adding art to communities and creating interactive and resilient community centers. As someone who spends a significant amount of time outside, she is also focused on conservation of our natural resources. Lyndsay currently sits on the board of Art in Action, a nonprofit based in California whose mission is to give every student access to arts education by providing the training, materials and curriculum for complete K-8 visual arts experiences. Prior to joining Juniper Square, Lyndsay spent nearly a decade working in investment banking in New York and in real estate private equity in San Francisco. She graduated from Stanford with a BS in math and MS in management, science and engineering. 


The Notley Fellowship is open to young professionals ages 22-35 in the Austin area who have a passion for social impact. The dues are $1000/year and can be paid quarterly. Looking to nominate a potential Notley Fellow? Let us know if someone you know or who is in your organization would be a great fit by nominating them here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Notley Fellowship?

The Notley Fellowship is an invite only, two-year program for young, professional, community leaders who set out to achieve maximum social impact in their community while developing personal and professional growth.

Who can apply to become a Notley Fellow?

The Notley Fellowship is open to young, dynamic applicants that demonstrate leadership in their industries, ages 22-35, who have a passion for taking on the challenges in their community while upholding necessary values for effectiveness and cultural impact. The Fellowship is designed for young professionals in for-profit sectors who have already completed or are not currently enrolled in school.

How long is the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is a two-year program with one new class of fellows accepted each year.

If I don’t have prior work experience, can I still apply?

The Notley Fellowship is limited to young professionals in for-profit sectors with varying levels of career experience.

Is there a cost associated with the program?

Membership dues are $1,000 per fellow each year. Payments can be made in quarterly increments and employer support is encouraged. These payments will help ensure the Fellowship experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What are the benefits of becoming a Notley Fellow?

Notley Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend regular networking events and speaker series

  • Tackle real projects with the Notley team and community leaders

  • Attend educational programs and workshops

  • Receive curated introductions to business and community leaders across Austin.

  • Gain VIP and behind-the-scenes access to Notley Events

  • Get real experience working on real projects

How does the application process work?

Applications for the 2018 class have closed! We are overwhelmed by the amount of young leaders who are eager to catalyze growth and impact in Austin.

We will be announcing the first class of Notley Fellows on May 2nd, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please direct them to fellows@notelyventures.com!

Follow Notley Fellows on facebook, twitter, and instagram to stay updated on the program and be the first to know when applications open for the 2019 class (Spring of 2019). 

Can I ask my employer to sponsor my fellowship?

We encourage employer support! Many employers are eager and willing to help employees develop and grow professionally and personally, just ask your HR department or your supervisor about programs at your firm.

Can I choose the project that I can contribute to work for?

Notley Fellows work closely with Notley Team members and community leaders on projects that align with each Fellow’s unique combination of both passion and skill. To learn more about the projects the Fellowship encompasses, contact us. 

Who are some of the committed speakers for the program?

The core values of The Fellowship are built around leadership, service, growth, and education. Each month, a speaker will be featured in order to support this mission and develop the Notley Fellows. Speakers include:

  • Wendy Davis- Wendy Davis is the founding director of Deeds Not Words, a non-profit that seeks to empower and activate the voices of young women.

  • Steve Adler- Since 2015, Steve Adler has served as Austin's 52nd mayor after 35 years practicing civil law.

  • Meredith Walker- Meredith Walker is the Executive Director and cofounder of Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, an organization  dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves.

  • Gerardo Interiano- Gerardo Interiano serves as Google's Head of External Affairs for the Southwest U.S. and is  actively engaged in the nonprofit community.

  • Mellie Price- Mellie Price is the Executive Director of Commercialization at the Dell Medical School and the co-founder and Managing Director of Capital Factory.

How much time will I have to commit to this fellowship?

Fellows commit six to eight hours per month by attending monthly programming and dedicating time to their assigned project.

How will the fellowship impact the community?

Notley serves as a hub for social innovation companies so that they can connect, share services, and find the resources to grow.  In conjunction, Notley also has its own social impact initiatives -- such as Philanthropitch, The Center for Social Innovation, and Startup Games -- that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for social impact organizations and fostered community involvement in social innovation around the country. Fellows will work directly with the Notley team on initiatives and projects curated to have real impact. 

I’m still in school, can I still be a Notley Fellow?

The Fellowship is available for young professionals that will utilize the business/technology skills that they've gained in the private sector in order to serve their non-profit partners. Graduating soon? Sign up for the Notley Fellowship Newsletter and apply to join for a class after graduating! Still want to get involved? Volunteer for Start Up Games! Contact fellows@notleyventures.com and learn other ways you can get involved.