Notley Fellows Spotlight Series: Seth List

Seth List.jpg

Seth List is an Austin-transplant, relocating from the California Bay Area originally in 1998. Since getting back to Austin in 2008, Seth has worked for a variety of companies in Austin's thriving start-up scene, including Bazaarvoice, Umbel, and Student Loan Genius. Seth currently runs Market Development and Strategic Sourcing for YouEarnedIt, who recently joined the Vista Equity portfolio.

For the past 10 years, Seth has been heavily involved with the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, leveraging his sales skills and network to raise more than $20k for the Ride's beneficiaries. As a member of the HCRA production team, he's jumped in to help with recruiting, corporate teams and fundraising, and sponsorships.

In 2017, Seth was invited to join the Austin Steering Committee for Equality Texas. As a trans man, the bathroom bill felt like a personal attack on his community and he jumped at the opportunity to actively fight for legal and lived equality for the LGTBQ community throughout Texas. In short order, Seth stepped up as Chair for the Austin Steering Committee and is actively working to create awareness, build community, and establish working relationships with Austin's business community.

When not at the office or working on Equality Texas efforts, Seth can be found training and coaching at Atomic Athlete, running one of Austin's many trails, or checking out one of our latest and greatest new restaurants. He also loves to travel, run trail races, backpack, hike, and camp.

Seth's pronouns are he/him. He identifies as an intersectional feminist and is actively exploring ways to be a better ally to women, communities of color, and the LGBTQ community. Seth is a member of the inaugural class of Notley Fellows.

What specific issues are close to your heart and why?

LGBTQ equality because, as a member of the community, I'm directly effected by policy and public sentiment

What organizations or cause areas are you currently involved with?


Equality Texas and the Hill Country Ride for AIDS

If you could wake up tomorrow and one world or community problem would be solved, which problem would it be and why?

Discrimination of all types. We are all human and I fundamentally believe we all deserve equal treatment a) under the law and b) from others. In other words, I believe both legal and lived equality are fundamental human rights.

In what ways can Austin's corporate sector be better equipped to support local nonprofits?

I believe Austin's corporate sector can be more impactful by implementing formal programs related to philanthropy and social impact. Too often, at least in my experience, requests for support (by non-profits) are handled informally on an ad-hoc basis and don't always align to the companies culture, brand, or values. Formal giving programs, ideally clear and articulated on a public website, could save non-profits the trouble of soliciting support from organizations that aren't the right fit and save the for-profit business the trouble of evaluating giving/support opportunities that aren't in line with their stated culture, mission, or values.