Julie Oliver Fireside Chat Recap

Julie Oliver is a mom, yoga teacher, lawyer, Notley Vice President of Finance, and now a Democrat  running for US Congress 2020 in District 25. This is her second campaign in an attempt to unseat Republican Roger Williams. Julie has four kids and has experienced motherhood as a Medicare mom, receiving assistance at 17 when she was a pregnant runway.  Julie’s family members have struggled with healthcare affordability as well. Her experiences motivate her to fight for her key platform: universal healthcare. Here are some takeaways from her chat with Dan Graham and questions from the 2019 Notley Fellows.

*Summarized, not verbatim  

What’s your main platform?

As a Medicare mom who was able to raise a child, go to law school and have a successful career with St. David’s – I have firsthand appreciation for healthcare affordability programs and how they can change lives. I’m fighting for universal healthcare access for all.

How are you reaching across the aisle?

I think we can really only find true common ground if we get rid of big money and fix campaign finance. But I think veteran issues and gun control are areas we can make progress on.

What are some other areas are you passionate about?

Eliminating PACs and addressing campaign finance, immigration reform, gerrymandering and transportation access for healthcare.

What are you doing to win election?

I’m committed to running a grassroots campaign, not accepting any PAC money and driving across my district to meet and listen to the people I will represent face to face.

Why Congress instead of local government?

Healthcare is generally a federal issue and where I think I can have the most impact for Americans.

What are some tips for getting into politics?

Read, read, read. And listen always.



2019 Notley Fellow

Alex Ecenia hails from Florida but after 8 years in Texas calls herself a true Austinite. She worked in philanthropy for six years in Los Angeles, New York and Austin and has always kept charity work at her core. Last year Alex found herself loving the work she did but didn't feel fulfilled and she knew she needed to make a change. She took the leap and started her own events and marketing LLC, Rainey Productions. Now, she's helping clients build their brand by cultivating community-based experiences and igniting unique projects. Alex's passions are traveling the world and experiencing new cultures (she's been to 30 countries), staying active with Wanderlust Yoga and Soul Cycle, and soaking up fresh air by spending time outdoors with friends and a glass of wine.