Notley Fellows Spotlight Series: Amanda Horvath

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Amanda Horvath runs a boutique video production house that operates in the space between video creation and marketing. 

Having lived through the video marketing evolution from website content to the emergence of social media, her trained eye is consistently aware of the future of video and how businesses should harness its power. Rather than focusing on pure visual aesthetics, Horvath and her team leverage marketing techniques to ensure their videos inspire results.

She’s worked with entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday, as well as other locally known household names. Amanda is a member of the inaugural class of Notley Fellows.

What specific issues are close to your heart and why?

I’m interested in inspiring women to create careers that are driven by passion, while still pursuing motherhood. We live in a world where our society tells us to be equal to men, but I don’t believe that is how it is meant to be. We have different paths and due to this, our careers must be approached differently. The conversation is lacking and so I want to inspire dialogue and create solutions through discussion where our paths intersect.

What organizations or cause areas are you currently involved with?

In the past, I have worked a lot with Acton Academy which is a local private school where children teach themselves. The model is spreading across the country and changing the way of education.

If you could wake up tomorrow and one world or community problem would be solved, which problem would it be and why?


If I could wake up tomorrow and one world problem would be solved, it would be sex trafficking and/or sexual abuse. There’s nothing scarier than being vulnerable and used. Even if rescued, these individuals are entering their new life with trauma and PTSD that is debilitating. This ultimately leaves them disconnected from who they are meant to be and the love they are meant to feel. No one should be robbed of those things.

In what ways can Austin's corporate sector be better equipped to support local nonprofits?

Austin’s corporate sector can be better equipped to support local nonprofits by using their business knowledge to create events or experiences where tickets will cover costs and donate funds to local nonprofits.

After years of helping other businesses build their brand using video, Amanda has launched her own YouTube channel! Geared towards entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand using video without breaking the bank or spending extra time, her channel provides step by step processes that she uses with her own clients to leverage the power of video. 

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