Dinner with Dell Medical School's Mellie Price

Last week the Notley Fellows gathered at Capital Factory to hear from our August guest speaker, Mellie Price, who joined for a dinner and discussion on how entrepreneurship can transform the healthcare industry.  

As the Executive Director of Commercialization at the Dell Medical School and a long-time entrepreneur in Austin, Mellie’s background ranges from founding startups to executive roles at publicly traded companies. Mellie is a master of creating explosive growth for a variety of organizations and has turned her talents to healthcare to help drive change in one of society’s most complex industries.

Read on for a brief recap of the night’s conversation


Universities are giant ecosystems overflowing with great ideas that can solve big problems.  However, these ideas often get stuck within their respective universities, just waiting for the right person to package and deliver them to the world. As the Director of Commercialization at Dell Medical School, Mellie is tasked with bringing these great ideas to fruition. Mellie works alongside scientists and healthcare professionals to devise a plan that helps them license or distribute their product to hospitals or the public market.

“We demonstrate something that works at a small scale, and then replicate it at a larger and larger scale. That is how room for real growth and transformation is created,” - Mellie Price

The University of Texas is home to great minds, advanced ideas, and innovative breakthroughs that could revolutionize the entire healthcare industry. Mellie is in an exciting position to deliver a new and improved healthcare vision to the community and build care models that focus on innovative solutions. Many of these innovations stem from the emergence of preventative healthcare rather than reactive treatment. At Dell Medical School, they are rethinking how incentives can be used to steer the medical community into more innovative models, which is what much of the research currently centers around. While she couldn’t disclose the exact nature of her current projects, she was candid in her excitement about the things she is working on.


More about Mellie


Mellie Price is managing director of the Texas Health CoLab and executive director of commercialization at the Dell Medical School. She is an experienced investor, technologist, executive, fund manager, public speaker and serial software entrepreneur.

Price is the co-founder of two highly successful startup ecosystems, Capital Factory and SoftMatch. She is also the founder of Front Gate Solutions & Front Gate Tickets, a data security company; and two health tech startups. Price is an active member of the Texas entrepreneurship community and a winner of the Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power Award (2015) and its TechFlash Titan Award (2014).

Price, a proud member of the Austin community for 30 years, serves on the board of directors for Leadership Austin, Sustainable Food Center, Mission Capital, and Capital of Texas Public Telecommunications Council (KLRU-Public Television). She currently serves on the Mayor’s Health Alliance and his Technology Advisory Committee.

Price is an adjunct assistant professor who thoroughly enjoys teaching the Longhorn Startup entrepreneurship course in the Department of Computer Science, College of Natural Sciences.

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Special thanks to Capital Factory for hosting us!