Creating A Reflective Democracy Through Women

Fellows Dinner with Wendy Davis of Deeds Not Words

Today’s government is anything but reflective with many of the individuals with the most refusing to take the time to think deeply about their actions and their consequences.

What if we had a more reflective democracy? That is the question former state senator and candidate for governor as well as the founder of Deeds Not Words, Wendy Davis, posed to the Notley Fellows yesterday


During a conversation with the Fellows led by Notley cofounder, Dan Graham, Wendy expressed the need for our each of us to be more reflective in our political participation, starting with creating life-long voters and educating future generations on the legislative process.

This is the mission of Deeds Not Words. Through advocacy training with high school age women, Deeds Not Words is educating young women on the legislative process and how to insert their voice to be more effective, persuasive changemakers.

And it’s working. During the 2017 legislative session, Deeds Not Words worked with a group of young women on 10 different bills, each drafted from scratch to curb sex trafficking and assault. Of those 10 bills, a total of 7 were passed. This singular act helped these young women understand their power to take policy into their own hands.


The goal of Deeds Not Words is to not only create lifelong voters, but help young women see themselves on future committees and instill in them the dream and accessibility of running for public office. Deeds Not Words works alongside other organizations like Annie’s List, Jolt Texas, and Emerge America to effect change as these young women move on from high school and into careers in politics and policy.

“When we don’t have women in positions of political power, it creates a rush to defend bad behavior and over simplifies the “boys will be boys” mentality so common in today’s political world” said Wendy Davis.

When asked what the Fellows can do to drive change in Texas, Wendy said to pay attention to your local races and help build a bench of political leaders you respect. By doing this, you’re investing in voter infrastructure and showing lawmakers that Texas has the ability to turn out the votes.

Thank you to Clayton and Carly Christopher for welcoming us into their beautiful home for last night’s dinner. To learn more about the Notley Fellowship, visit