Hilary Corna

2019 Notley Fellow

Hilary Corna is a Bestselling Author and Founder of the Human Processes Continuum with a mission of humanizing business. She provides counsel and executive briefings to senior management on organizational development challenges facing private sector entities worldwide.

Hilary’s work draws on 10+ years of industry experience in operations, culture and people development. Early in her career, she served as Senior Executive Officer and Kaizen Leader for Toyota Motor Asia Pacific in Singapore leading dealer operations development activities.

In 2011, she launched a speaking agency with the mission of increasing female voices in the industry and has since spoken to over 50,000 people in six countries and is a sought-after conference keynote.

Hilary been featured in the New York Times, ForbesWoman, NBC, Upworthy and dozens of other publications. She has spoken on stages including the United Nations, General Motors, FFA and NCCSWL. She has made an appearance in Pearson’s Global Business Communication textbook, has trained at Second City Chicago and still speaks conversational Japanese. Hilary is a Vipassana meditator, a weightlifter, and proud vegan.