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Lyndsay Erickson

2018 Notley Fellow and Chair-Elect

Lyndsay is the director of product operations at Juniper Square, a real estate technology company. She is committed to social impact and is particularly interested in sustainability, affordable housing, creating fluid indoor-outdoor space, adding art to communities and creating interactive and resilient community centers. As someone who spends a significant amount of time outside, she is also focused on conservation of our natural resources. Lyndsay currently sits on the board of Art in Action, a nonprofit based in California whose mission is to give every student access to arts education by providing the training, materials and curriculum for complete K-8 visual arts experiences. Prior to joining Juniper Square, Lyndsay spent nearly a decade working in investment banking in New York and in real estate private equity in San Francisco. She graduated from Stanford with a BS in math and MS in management, science and engineering.